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Like yourselves, we work with your dentist to meet your patients' dental health care needs. Although we are not physically in your office, we are an integral member of your dental staff. Knowing this, we have to work together, mutually and cooperatively to assist your dentist-employer.

Usually, since you will act as the core liaison between your office and ours, we have established a few guidelines to better our relationship to coordinate with the rest of your co-workers (hygienists, other assistants, and the receptionists). The key to a successful practice-lab relationship is open and clear communication. We have discovered that poor lines of communication result in: patient schedule conflicts, timing of case turnover and delivery, and thus animosity between practice and lab as a result of. Therefore:

  1. Please use proper prescription sheets.
    Our laboratory offers three types of prescription sheets: Orthodontics, Dentures, and Crown & Bridge. It would help us serve you better when your dentist describes case specifications and designs on proper prescription sheets.

  2. Please note that under the "Return Date" box, we request that your return date be at least ONE day before the patient's appointment.
    To avoid patient scheduling conflicts, your cases will arrive on the date you requested to be returned. If accidentally, your request is on the same day as your patient's appointment, we can not guarantee timely delivery. To assist you in scheduling, our turnaround times are as follows:
    Orthodontic appliances - 5 days in lab
    Denture cases - 7 days (or less) in lab for set ups and finishes - 5 (or less) days in lab for tooth replacements, repairs, relines, etc.
    Crown and bridge cases - 10 to 14 days (depending on complexity of case) Turnarounds do not include shipping and delivery, please allow at least two days via UPS and one day via messenger service. Same day rush service will incur a 25% rush charge.

  3. Use our shipping labels and boxes and package your models carefully.
    Using our shipping labels and boxes helps our delivery service drivers better identify our packages. Labels and boxes are available upon request. More importantly, please wrap your models carefully as not to damage the outcome of the case. They are all we have to work with so please be careful as to wrap them individually. Also, please write the patient's name on the back of the model as not to confuse cases. If you are sending us impressions, please insert one case (either one impression or the pair) in a plastic bag, labeled with the patient's name. Do not secure the bag with rubber bands as it tend to distort the impressions and thus the working models. Also, please do not get the prescription wet.

  4. Valuable Impressions
    Poor case scenario (this may have happened to you in the past): You take an impression, wrap it up and send it to your lab for fabrication. The lab pours up the model(s) and finds that they are distorted and advises you to take new impressions. Or, the lab pours up the models and begins fabrication and then tells you that the models are distorted, that the appliance won't fit properly and advises that new impressions be taken. Either case, the process has probably taken at least 2 days including delivery time. Rescheduling patients is time consuming. Also, it may reduce patient satisfaction and thus reduce the chances of patient referrals. Therefore, perfecting fitting appliances begin with good impressions. We hope to offer some impression taking techniques here soon, please visit us soon!

To recap: Remember, good impressions are the beginning of successful case results. Use correct prescription sheets (to view our prescription sheets, click here or contact us to request them), coordinate with your dentist and staff for patient's next appointment, write return date (one day before appointment please), and package models or impressions carefully using our boxes and labels. We'll handle the rest. If we follow this protocol, we ensure you that we will deliver our quality appliances on time. Again, we express total quality here at Young Dental Laboratory. We know that our products will require minimal or no adjustments thus reducing valuable chair time for you and your dentist. That's our promise. If you have any further questions regarding our products or services, please feel free to contact us.

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